National University College Transfer Process !

National University College Transfer Process !

# 1st year after the transfer of the final exam
The transfer to the second year of the 3rd year
Principal of the college must apply in writing to the old

#. The application form must be signed by him, also can not be transferred.
# From the new college principal supposed to show, then, subject to the empty seat
From another will.
If the application is more than the number of empty seats # 1st year, considering the results of the second year’s results.
# Another from the new college will be accepted., From the old

to make sure
Owing to the college money, certificates, mark sheets will take. (The second year of private college or 3rd year will have to pay all)
# SSC and HSC form new documents
College to be submitted
# Submitted during the admission fee and the fee section
(If it is not paid before the College)
# You are done, transfer all of the work.
# Markasite new and old college name


The transfer college will not even mention the name of the college certificate, will only mention the name of the university.

National University College Transfer Process !

NU College Transfer

Nu noticeNational University College Transfer Process !


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