Bangladesh bank Free Training Course

Bangladesh bank Free Training Course

After the war of liberation of 1971, the government of Bangladesh established the Dhaka branch of the State Bank of Pakistan with the name of Bangladesh Bank as the central bank of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Bank was declared effective from December 16, 1971 after passing the order of 1972. [2]

In 1971, Mujib decided to nationalize all banks in order to develop the economy in the form of socialist system and to provide adequate funds for the development of war-torn country. After nationalization, the government failed to give directions to all the banks when they came under the control of the government. As a result, the banks distribute the overdue amount of funds without any commercial considerations, and normally these loans have not been paid in a timely manner. [3] The government was unable to introduce any loan monetary policy for the control of a large amount of unpaid debt. In continuation of this, most of the banks were in the shortage of capital.

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