NID info 2017

NID info 2017

NID info 2017. The Election Commission (EC) has ordered the amendment of the national identity card within a short time to reduce the sufferings of the citizens.

There is a problem of getting various types of services due to faulty National Identity Card (NID).

In this situation, the NID has been asked to provide all services from the police station and the Upazila offices for the amendment of information, voter area transfer, and other services.

Recently, a two-page letter has been sent to all the thana and Upazila election officials from the National Identity Registration Department under the Election Commission.

Complaints about national identity card related to long term sufferings

Even those who have applied for the national identity card but have not yet reached their hands, special instructions have been given to prevent any suffering. Everything will be done very soon.

Service seekers have to travel around the month to get the desired service.

NID card is lost. How do I get a new card?

1. Q: ID card is lost. How do I get a new card? Answer: The nearest police station is to apply to GD’s original copies of the concerned police station, according to the concerned upazila / police station officer’s office or in the national identity registration department.

They also suffer from the fingerprints of millions of people in mobile SIM registration in the biometric system.

Apart from making national ID card compulsory on the new pay scale, many government officials have suffered due to incorrect information about the national letter.

Even nowhere is the complaint of taking money for this service.

In addition, NID card fraud cases are happening. In such circumstances, the EC has instructed to provide timely service at field level.


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