Short Biography-Atiqur Rahman

Short Biography-Atiqur Rahman

Short Biography:

Atiqur Rahman – A fullstack web developer specialized in ecommerce platforms like woocommerce,  shopify, magento etc. He started his career since when he admitted in Jahangirnagar University for a BSc Course in Physics. Though his academic background is not computer science or programming related, he learnt programming from his own interest. Now he has 5 years of programming experience with 5 years of freelancing career in web development.

We asked him a few questions to know more about him. Let’s see what he said!

Q: Hey, How are you?
Atiqur: Hey! I’m good! How you doing?

Q: Great, Thanks! So, when did you started programming and why?
Atiqur: I started programming in late 2013 using my mobile! I did some HTML codes in my java mobile html editor. That’s too funny but it was the start anyway! My interest was always in making websites but unfortunatey, I had to study physics as I didn’t manage any luck to get admitted in CSE.


tiqur Rahman – A fullstack web developer

Q: How good were you at Computer technologies before you started programming?
Atiqur: Ah, to be honest, not a super smart but I knew the computer basics. In 2009, I first started using computers at Friends Digital Studio located nearby my school and college where I studied. I learn MS Office, Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Ulead Video Studio 10 there and did some work there as intern as well.

Q: When did you come to know that you can make money online? And how?
Atiqur: Well, it was 2009 when I started using facebook for the first time. I was using some mobile chatting and forum platforms from a Chinnese MIUIWAP enabled mobile phone. I spent months to configure 2G internet settings in my mobile, then I went to GP mobile site! BOOM! There I found Facebook, LinkedIn and websites. was a mobile forum sites and then I registered on facebook as well. You can’t really imagine how exciting it was for me coz I never ever had any idea that web could be this much fun! All on a sudden, I found a link on facebook which were offering money for small work! I did and got paid! And then I had lot more other things going on. And then I found Odesk Bangladesh group on facebook in 2011 and from the helps of the group, I came to know that there are tons of smart ways of making money online.

তিনি আমেরিকান, ব্রিটিশ ও ইউরোপের কয়েকটি কোম্পানিতে চুক্তিবদ্ধ হিসেবে কাজ করে থাকেন $30/hr হিসেবে। এছাড়াও, তিনি এই সময়ে থাইল্যান্ডের দুটি শিপিং কোম্পানির আইটি সাপোর্ট পার্টনার।

Q: Did you think that it would be possible for you to be a programmer without studying CS in your university? Please explain.
Atiqur: I had a feeling that I must be a programmer. I used on knock the CS students on facebook and try to know their syllabus. I decided to buy all the books they study and then I’d study them myself to become a programmer. A few months later, I saw a few guys who studied physics from the same department (Physics, JU) are now doing jobs as software programmers! I got hope! I didn’t hesitate to ask them for help. They helped, suggested how to be a programmer. I followed and you can see where I am now!

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Q: Do you prefer Local Office job or Freelance jobs?j
Atiqur: Freelance jobs without any doubt! gyu7gf /c.>vu’;.7;

Q: Why?
Atiqur: Better salary and freedom! I controm my salary and I have no BOSS!

Q: Which platforms do you like for getting projects?
Atiqur: First it was oDesk then elance. Now it’s upwork. But now a days, I have a few clients, we know each other for a long and now I do most works with them.

Q: Where did you learn programming?
Atiqur: Online! Lol, there are several websites offering you to learn programming. CodeAcademy, Lynda, Udemy, w3Schools

Q: What are the most websites you visit while working?
Atiqur: StackOverflow and the documentation pages of the platforms I work.

I Just wanted to say thanks all of your help with our website you helped with. You’ve been really responsive, You’ve been really quick, helpful…. Anyone else watching this video,  Correct man Atiqur, he is highly recommended.

– Iain,

Q: What is you suggestion for a newbie?
Atiqur: EAT, SLEEP and CODE. Be a genious, money will knock your pocket to get in!

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