ASA NGO Job Circular 2019

ASA NGO Job Circular 2019

ASA NGO Job Circular 2019 – ASHA is one of the country’s largest private development organizations. Recently, the organization published the job circular for the appointment of the manpower. ASA is one of the world’s lending institutions. This organization is working to eradicate poverty. In 2007, ASA was considered as the world’s top small lending institution. It is operating the work in 12 countries. Currently, the institution is recognized internationally. Advanced customer service is the main focus. Poverty reduction is possible through empowerment. ASA maintains various health programs. In general, the main goal of this institution is to remove poverty. This institution also provides non-financial services. Such as education, health, sanitation etc. Playing a huge role as part of the education work.

Comparatively, ASA is the world’s most popular microfinance companies. This NGO started the journey in 1978. Apart from economic progress, as well as playing an important role in eradicating discrimination. Provided technical assistance to different countries for carrying out operations. ASA is working in the development of the agricultural based business. This NGO provides foreign remittance for the welfare of the Bangladeshi people. ASA is providing sanitation and drinking water for deprived people. There are branches of this organization throughout Bangladesh. A big section of sustainable microfinance in the economy. ASA is one of the most sustainable development organizations.

This organization is working to establish sustainable microfinance. This organization has a glorious history. In 1971, Bangladesh received independence in exchange for a lot of blood. Bangladesh has become a ruined place. The economy of Bangladesh was zero. Before long a large part of Bangladesh’s economy is dependent on agriculture. Later, since the establishment of this NGO in 1974 Bangladesh started to revolt. Hopefully, they perform various social duties besides regular activities.

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ASA NGO Job Circular 2019




Deadline: April 2019 job circular 2019




03 April 2019



ASA NGO basically provides loan services. These NGO provide loans in both primary and primary ways. There is a deadline to repay the primary loan. Every customer has to pay within the specified time. Nevertheless, loan money is fixed. In the case of primary and special loans, customers need relaxation. There is no need to mortgage anything for both loans. With these loans, the people behind the society can be financially prosperous. Here’s the difference in NGO activities.


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