The new decision is coming again with the general holiday

The new decision is coming again with the general holiday

The government is taking new decisions with the increasing prevalence of coronavirus in Bangladesh. According to the decision, many regions of the country have already been closed. The first area-wide closure was in the capital Dhaka, east of Rajapazar. It is understood that if the state of aura expansion in the region improves after a few days of observation, some other areas of Dhaka may be subject to closure. The government is considering keeping public and private employees who live in the closure area on public leave. However, with emergency services, the United States will be able to leave and enter the region to work by showing an identity card.

According to Cabinet sources, the northern Dhaka mayor, Atiq al-Islam, proposed that employees be taken from the closed area in eastern Rajapazar on vacation. In light of this, the government is considering keeping employees closed on the basis of area on public leave. The Cabinet and the Ministry of Public Administration are discussing the issue.

In this regard, Minister of State for Public Administration Farhad Hussain said that much depends on the effect of the experimental closure in East Rajapazar. The issue of announcing a public holiday to residents of the area covered by the closure has not yet been decided.

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